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Like sticky notes for your numbers

Utilizing a built-in list based organization system, you can easily separate your calculations into lists that are easily created, removed and manipulated. You can even quickly search through list names to find exactly what you are looking for. All calculations are automatically saved in the background, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything!

Smart Percentages

With smart percentages you don’t have to worry about how to figure out the right ‘way’ to enter a percentage. Just type it in! Using addition and subtraction to calculate a percentage is a more natural feeling than the way other calculators force you to do it.

Customize Customize!

Don’t like the colors we’ve chosen? Go ahead and change them! The color changes will even update live before your very eyes! Just click on the preference panel and navigate to the “Colors” tab

Financial Friendly

Do rounding errors make you lose sleep? We’ve got you covered. Using an ultra-high precision storage format allows us to keep rounding errors to a minimum. This means we give you the most accurate answer we possibly can every time! Also, by selecting any of the fixed decimal place choices under the calculator preference panel, you will get the decimal places to align along the right edge for tidy lists!

Print Me!

Sometimes you just can’t keep things to yourself. Need to print a list or create a pdf? Simply select “File->Save PDF/Print” to get a nicely formatted printout of your currently selected list. There is also an option to save the list as a pdf if paper printing isn’t your thing!

 Mini Mode and Float It!

How many times do you just need a quick little calculation done? With NumbNotes you can reduce the entire app down to the entry box and the top answer box. Take up as little screen real estate as possible and still get the results you need quickly and easily. And the best part is, all of your calculations are being stored into organized lists that you can retrieve at any time. With the “Always On Top” option located in the preference panel, you can also make sure your window floats over your other programs, giving you a fast, convenient calculator tool that is simple and effective.

Quick Functions

Select multiple entries in a list and you will be presented with a list of options to quickly add, average, count or perform a number of other functions on the answers! With quick functions, you can save the tedious retyping often necessary when working with sets of numbers.


What are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself! And let us know what you think!